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Awarded Design Products

We love the well designed products, and we thought you would, too!

So we researched Red Dot Design Awarded products that you might like.

Check them out below.

The 3plus writing utensil is a combination of colored pencil, watercolor pencil and wax crayon for children aged three years and up. Thanks to its square design with rounded edges, the pencil is particularly easy to hold with the entire hand, thus fostering central ergonomic aspects, which are additionally underlined by its compact length. The extra-thick tip can withstand even extreme pressure and be used for coloring on all smooth surfaces. The pencils are available in a color palette of 18 different colors, so children may let their imagination run free when painting, drawing and writing. Untrained hands can grip the pencils completely naturally and hold them in a relaxed way. Moreover, the distinctive profile was carefully designed to prevent rapid fatigue. The woods used for manufacturing the pencils all originate from sustainably managed forests, a fact that is affirmed by the PEFC label of quality.


The Supreme stapler featuring Omnipress technology utilizes the lever action of existing pressless solutions, thus arriving at a size so compact that it can be operated with one hand and minimal effort. The ergonomic design transfers the stapling pressure regardless of where it is exerted. The device, which was developed in the Scandinavian style with a minimalist and functional look, is available in the base colors of matt black or white.


The Elgato Ring Light is a versatile lamp for home studios. With a diameter of 17” and two diffusion layers, the lamp produces a circular light that uniformly illuminates the contours of the face. The light is dimmable, and the colour temperature ranges from 2,900 to 7,000 kelvins. The associated tripod can be used to adjust the height and projection angle of the ring light, while a camera ball bracket allows a camera or smartphone to be mounted.


In order to facilitate broadcast quality for creative types, the Elgato Wave:3 microphone was designed in a classic look. It uses the Wave Link digital mixing software, turning the microphone into an audio hub that enables control of the microphone and up to eight other audio sources. A multifunctional dial adjusts input gain, output volume and crossfade. A capacitive mute button silently disengages the microphone feed when slightly touched.


With AirPods Max, Apple introduces its first wireless headphones in an over-ear design with outstanding high-fidelity audio and industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation. AirPods Max easily connect with a one-tap set-up to an iPhone or iPad, after which all devices in the same iCloud family are paired and ready to use. Sensors automatically detect when the AirPods Max are put on or taken off and start or pause music playback accordingly. A digital crown on the ear cup allows precise control of volume and media control such as play/pause. Rich, deep bass, accurate mid-ranges and crisp, clean high-frequency extension invite users to immerse in individual listening experiences. The innovative headphones deliver 3D spatial audio for a movie theatre-like surround experience. Users only return to reality when they switch from Active Noise Cancellation to Transparency mode with the simple touch of a button to listen to music layered with ambient sounds at the same time. The technological breakthrough of Apple’s new H1 chips, microphones and sensors embodies nothing less than a redefinition of the over-ear design. Made of machined aluminum, the independently rotatable ear cups feature magnetically adhering ear cushions. The telescopic arms are smoothly adjustable and ergonomically adaptable to different head shapes. The lightweight, breathable knit mesh fabric of the canopy not only ensures pleasant wearing comfort but, in combination with the elegant ear cups made of anodized aluminum, make the AirPods Max also project a new, unmistakable form.


The JBL Horizon 2, which is available in two color tones, focuses on round shapes and a high proportion of textile in the surface design. This makes it harmoniously blend into any bedroom. The LCD display clearly indicates the time, alarm settings and radio information, with a light sensor adjusting the brightness to that of the room. A rotary knob is used to set the alarm time and volume as well as to switch the integrated ambient lighting on and off.


This organizer has two levels of which the upper one is intended for the storage of essential materials. Thanks to the innovative closing system with a dual-hinge mechanism, the lid can be removed, thus providing a maximum overview of the contents. It can also be opened out like a book. Elastic loops securely hold both compartments together. Inside the Orbitkey Nest, movable dividers allow for flexible partitioning of the space. The organizer has a leather and fabric cover, giving it a touch of luxury.

Source: Red Dot


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