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Progent Contact Lens Cleaner Buy

Rigid contact lens protein remover, use in conjunction with Menicare Plus Multipurpose solution. Use once every 2-4 weeks, 30 minutes MAX. This product CAN NOT go in the eye, lenses need to be rinsed well with saline after treatment, then cleaned and stored in Multipurpose solution.

progent contact lens cleaner buy

The Case for Progent is CogentProgent effectively disinfects and removes protein buildup from the surface of GP lenses. Primarily used as a cleaner to eliminate excess protein, Progent also has strong disinfection capabilities and has been shown to be effective against bacteria, molds, yeasts and viruses, as well as Acanthamoeba trophozoites and cysts, even after just a five-minute soak.1 It also has been shown to deactivate the following virus strains: poliovirus type 1 equivalence for HIV, orthopoxvirus, bovine rotavirus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and adenovirus type 5.2

Solution SpecificsThe Menicon Progent kit comes with two 5ml vials of fluid. Ampule A contains sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide and purified water, while ampule B contains potassium bromide, sodium carbonate and purified water. An accompanying large scleral lens-holding container allows both lenses to be cleaned at the same time; if using the smaller container, scleral lenses can be accommodated by turning the holders 90 degrees. Once the fluids mix, the lenses should soak for no more than 30 minutes to prevent lens discoloration. After removal, the lenses should be rubbed with a GP lens cleaner and soaking solution.

Menicon Progent contact lens solution is designed to clean hard contact lenses. The thorough cleaning also ensures that proteins are easily removed from the lenses. For the best result you should use Menicon Progent once a week.

With Menicon Progent contact lens solution you will be able to clean your lenses in no time. The 'No Rub' formula ensures that your lenses are cleaned and disinfected within 5 minutes. This way you can enjoy a clear vision, ultimate comfort and healthy eyes.

LensOnline is the largest supplier of contact lenses online in Europe. We offer 100% original contact lenses from well known manufacturers. Thanks to our cooperation with more than 120 opticians within Europe it is possible to order Menicon Progent (10x5 ml) online and pick them up at one of our opticians nearby.

This eye contact solution is an all-in-one answer for your lens maintenance: it cleans, conditions, and disinfects. Unique pH can also be diluted with a daily protein remover to enable simultaneous enzymatic cleaning during conditioning. This contact solution also contains hydroxypropyl guar, a proprietary conditioning polymer system designed for the lenses to provide a soothing effect when worn.

There are extra strength cleaners that are alcohol based; these are great for removing oil (lipid) deposits, but it can lower the lens wettability if used daily. For patients who produce lots of oil deposits, I usually recommend using this a few times a week in addition to their daily multipurpose solution. (Examples: MiraFlow Extra Strength Daily Cleaner, Lens Fresh Extra Strength as well as Sereine Extra Strength Cleaner and Walgreens Extra Strength Daily Contact Lens Cleaner.)

Tangible Hydra-Peg is a hydrophilic coating that allows lenses to very slippery. This makes them very comfortable and are ideal for patients with dry eye, heavy depositers or those that fog the lens by midday. Annoyingly, they are harder to pick up due to being so slick. They also have limited options for solutions as the coating can be damaged or dissolved with abrasive or alcohol based cleaners. Progent or enzyme cleaners will also destroy it.

Boston Simplus has an enzymatic cleaner that helps remove proteins from the lens surface. You can also get it separately as Boston Liquid Enzyme Cleaner. To use: fill your case with soaking solution, add 2 drops to each side of the lens, and soak for at least 4 hours. Exact details are here.

PROGENT cleans lenses and loosens and removes surface protein deposits after a short soak without manual rubbing.To ensure comfort, eye health and to prolong the life of gas permeable lenses, it is recommended that patients remove proteins with Menicon PROGENT bi-weekly.Previously approved for office use only, this solution is now approved and available for patient home use as directed by an eye care professional. Menicon PROGENT is a highly effective deposit and protein remover, a cleaner compatible with all RGP contact lenses. Simply soaking the lenses for 30 minutes will ensure the removal of deposits as well as the organisms most likely to contaminate lenses, including bacteria, fungus, molds and yeasts.PROGENT provides deep cleaning for gas permeable lenses without the mechanical rubbing or abrasives used in conventional cleaning or polishing. In fact, it is ideal for the growing number of gas permeable lenses that have surface coatings for comfort that should not be mechanically cleaned or rubbed.

Menicon Progent removes protein and is used for gas-permeable rigid contact lenses. Progen Intensive cleaner is a combination of 2 sterile solutions - Progent A (sodium hypochlorite, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, purified water) and Progent B (potassium bromide, sodium carbonate, purified).

Let the lenses soak in Progent hard contact lens solution for up to 30 minutes. Soaking the lenses for more than 30 minutes is not recommended. After using the protein cleaner solution, it is recommended to rinse the lenses with a saline solution or a cleaning solution for hard lenses. Progent treatment is recommended every 2 weeks, but it is recommended to confirm the frequency with a specialist.

Always wash your hands before touching contact lenses.Use the Progent hard contact lens solution immediately after mixing and discard immediately after cleaning the lenses. Never reuse the solution.Do not leave the lens in the solution for more than 30 minutes as it may discolour the lens.Use only the lens holder included in the package.Use before the expiry date which is stated on the box.Do not use with soft contact lenses.Do not apply the Progent solution directly to the eyes or nose.Do not pour the Progent solution on clothes.Avoid skin contact.Do not swallow the Progent solution.Store at room temperature.

If the lens is damaged in any way, DO NOT REINSERT.If the lens does not appear to be damaged and there is no discomfort or problems, clean it thoroughly, rinse and disinfect the lens, and then reinsert it. If any discomfort or problem occurs, remove the lens IMMEDIATELY and consult a specialist to identify the problem and, if necessary, get treatment to avoid serious eye damage.If Menicon Progent solution is accidentally inserted into the eyes or nose, wash thoroughly for about 1 minute with sterile saline. Consult your eye care specialist or other specialist and, if necessary, obtain treatment to avoid serious damage.If the Progent intensive cleaner is accidentally swallowed, drink plenty of water. Seek immediate medical attention.If Progent lens cleaning solution s accidentally spilt on the skin, rinse thoroughly with tap water for about 1 minute.

The potential for corneal ulcers is one of the major concerns withany contact lens modality and increased bacterial binding contributes to agreater risk of microbial keratitis. A quick review of physiological findingsrelative to Dk provides some interesting information. Back in 1992, SuzanneFleisig was the first to observe increased Pseudomonas adhesion to cornealepithelium after wearing soft extended-wear contact lenses. DwightCavanagh's groundbreaking research in 1994 went further. In his initialstudy, different Dk category GP lenses were applied to rabbit eyes andPseudomonas was instilled after lens wear. Dr. Cavanagh and his coworkersfound increased Pseudomonas attachment to rabbit epithelium in inverseproportion to the increase of Dk/t. 041b061a72


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